Biology Quiz for NEET_1 (All topics)

Biology Quiz for NEET_1

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Which of the following pair is incorrectly matched?

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Ovum (secondary oocyte) completes second meiotic division…….

select any of two options

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The anterior portion of the sperm nucleus is covered with a cap-like, enzyme filled structure called

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Milk is sucked out by the newborn baby through

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Which of the following is the correct sequence of developmental events?

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Aquatic plants Hydrilla and Zostera show hydrophily. Water hyacinth water lily is also an aquatic plant. They show:

Select any two options

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Which of the following statement is incorrect about geitonogamy:

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Which of the following statement is correct about the cleistogamous flower:

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Repeated autogamy in plants will cause:

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Which of the following is incorrect about the artificial hybridization (AH) technique:

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Which of the following is the correct sequence of embryonic development:

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Triple fusion is the process in which

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. Which of the following plants (P to S) belongs to the same category based on the presence/absence of endosperm in the mature seed                        

 [P] groundnut               [Q] castor              [R] maize                 and             [S] wheat

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Fertilization of human sperm and ovum takes place in the:

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In humans, the testis temperature is maintained below the core body temperature with the help of

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In plants, the ovules are attached to the ovary by

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. In human reproduction,

[P] spermatogenesis starts at puberty                                     

[Q] oogenesis starts at foetal stage        

[R] following meiosis, one oogonium produces 4 eggs    

[S] following meiosis, one spermatogonium produces 4 sperms

Which of the above statements is CORRECT?

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The term used for transfer of pollen grains from anthers of one plant to stigma of a different plant which, different types of pollen grains to stigma, is:

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Diadelphous stamens are found in

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Genera like Selaginella and Salvinia produce two kinds of spores. Such plants are known as:

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Which of the following plants is monoecious?

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A typical angiosperm embryo sac at maturity is:

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Offspring formed by sexual reproduction exhibit more variation than those formed by asexual reproduction because

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The plant parts consist of two generations - one within the other:

(a) Pollen grains inside the anther       (b) Germinated pollen grain with two male gametes       

(c) Seed inside the fruit                        (d) Embryo sac inside the ovule

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In which of the following techniques, the embryos are transferred to assist those females who cannot conceive?

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Extrusion of the second polar body from the egg nucleus occurs

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What is the fate of the male gametes discharged in the synergid?

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Select the incorrect statement

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The female gamete develops into an embryo without fertilization in some plants. This phenomenon is known as:

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Select the correct sequence for the transport of sperm cells in the male reproductive system.

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